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Level 1

Although I am in UK, QBO sends me to the US Community. Is this right?

Whatever I do, QBO dumps me to the US Community and I cannot escape. Even if I click on the flag, as soon as I try to make a question, it goes back to the US again.
What am I doing wrong?
(PS: I don't expect I'll actually be able to find this question ever again.)
QuickBooks Team

Although I am in UK, QBO sends me to the US Community. Is this right?

Thanks for reaching out to this thread, duncanpt. Let me ensure you're routed to the right Community forum when seeking assistance with us here.


Beforehand, may I know what specific tasks you need help with? You can share detailed information about your concern, so I can provide further guidance to keep you going in managing your business.


In regards to Community postings, you can always share your input to the US Community forum anytime you need help. You may indicate in your query the region or country you're currently situated every time you ask questions in this space. We'll be around whenever you require service support from us. 


In addition to that, you may also consider using an incognito window or try opening your account in a different browser. Sometimes a webpage is loaded with frequently accessed pages, which results in some unusual behaviors in your file. Refer to these keyboard shortcuts to open one:


  • For Google Chrome browser: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • For Mozilla Firefox browser: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • For Safari browser: Command + Shift + N


In case you require detailed references to help you manage your business, I'm sharing this link for additional guidance: Self-help articles for QuickBooks Online UK.


I'll be on this thread for anything urgent in your account. Feel free to reply to this post, and I'll make sure to get you covered. Keep safe and have a great day ahead!

Level 11

Although I am in UK, QBO sends me to the US Community. Is this right?


Login to your QBO account as the Primary Admin and navigate to Billing & Subscription menu. Did you pay your subscription in GBP or USD?


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