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Cannot log onto app?

Loading data just spins and spins. When can get in sync not working.
QuickBooks Team

Cannot log onto app?

I'm here to ensure that you can access your QBO app account, lyonracltd.  


To make sure that the app is compatible with your device, we need to ensure that it is updated. In addition, the app stores cache files, which can occasionally cause an unusual response from the system. To begin, clear the app's cache by following these steps: 


  • In the QuickBooks Online app


  • Android: From More Options ⋮, select Settings, then select Refresh Data. Then, tap Yes.
  • iOS: From the Menu ☰ select Help & Feedback, select Refresh Data, and then select Refresh.


  • In your device Settings


  • Android: From your device's Settings, select Apps (varies by device), choose QuickBooks app from the list, and then select Storage. Finally, select clear data.
  • iOS: From your device's Settings, select Setting General iPhone Storage and choose an app that's taking up a lot of space. To free up the storage without deleting the documents and data for the app, select Offload App.


If the same thing happens, we can uninstall and reinstall the app. Alternatively, you can use our supported web browsers and mobile browsers: Check our supported browsers on both web and mobile devices


For additional details about mobile app features, you can check this article: Overview of the mobile app.


Please let me know if you have more questions. I'll be around to help you anytime. Have a good one.

Level 1

Cannot log onto app?

I have done all of that and its made no difference. This issue is across different Android devices and various wifi data networks so its the app that is the issue

I need to access the app, not the website. If the app does not function properly please let me know and I'll use a different system to QB as this is not acceptable. Thanks.

QuickBooks Team

Cannot log onto app?

Hi there, lyonracltd.


I appreciate you for taking the time to perform the troubleshooting steps to help resolving the issue. 


If the issue persists, I suggest reaching out to our Customer Support team. This way, one of our agents will be able to pull up your account and help determine why you are still unable to access the QBO app. 


Here's how to reach them:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Select the Help (?) menu.
  3. Choose the Assistant tab.
  4. Click the Talk to a human option.
  5. Press Get help from a human.
  6. Tap either the Chat with us or Have us call you button.


Please know that the availability of support depends on which type of subscription you're using. You can check out this article for our contact information. Click on the QuickBooks Online drop-down to see the most updated support schedule: Support hours and types.


I'm all ears if you do have other questions aside from mobile app, and I'll help you out. Stay safe!


EDIT- UPDATE- This was investigated by out senior technicians and raised up to our product engineers to add a fix for the user. The customer advised they were able to access the app on their mobile in April and the case was closed as resolved

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