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Level 2

Conversion from desktop to online

Hi, I want to move from Desktop to Online.  Once I have opened an account for online do I need to enter anything other than the Company Name.  Is everything else moved automatically.  I did not know whether I needed to enter any other information.  It does not state this answer on the Instructions for moving to Online.

Many thanks

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Conversion from desktop to online

The built-in conversion tool in QB Desktop UK version is not working any longer. You can prepare your QBO account


then visit MMB website to convert your data. But you have to aware of their limitation. You may need to purchase another 3rd party service to convert data with conditions (e.g attachments, multi currency).



QuickBooks Team

Conversion from desktop to online

Hi choicie, the conversion process from QB Desktop UK to QB Online UK is now exclusively via Movemybooks - we've partnered with them to cover the costs of the first two most recent years of your data. If you'd like to transfer additional years prior to this, the rate is £75 + VAT per year. We're also working on a feature that will allow you to access all of your Desktop data in a read-only format post-discontinuation in June 2023, and we'll be emailing all customers with further info on this in the coming months. :)

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