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I hope someone can help. I cannot find a way of downloading my mileage for a tax year. I only seem to be able to download year by year. If this is correct, I find this ASTOUNDING. I can view my mileage for the tax year but not download it. It seems the only way I can do this is to download both years, in this case 2022 and 2023 and then manually adjust them in xls. 


Also does anyone else have a problem with incomplete mileage reports. Sometimes I discover that despite auto-tracking being always on on my phone, it randomly stops working and I lose days or weeks of tracking until I log in again. It seems to stop working if I do not engage with the app on my phone regularly, yet there is no warning that this might happen.


I only use Quickbooks for mileage tracking and at 3.99 a year this is very expensive but I cannot find an alternative.

QuickBooks Team


Hi @Annabel27, thanks for posting on the Community


You can get mileage for a specific tax year or for a custom period in QuickBooks Self-Employed. To do this:


For a specific tax year:

1. Go to Reports.
2. Next to Mileage log, select the tax year from the ▼ dropdown.
3. Select View. This filters your trips for the tax year.
4. To get your mileage info in a csv file, select Download or Email from the dropdown ▼ next to View.

For a custom period:
Go to Miles and select a Tax Year or Custom date (select Start date and End date, then select Save).
Select the All tab to view all your mileage info.
To get your mileage info in a csv file, select Download Trips or Email Trips from the dropdown ▼ next to Add trip.


You don't need to interact with the app to keep auto-tracking miles, however, it's best to keep up-to-date with app updates to ensure you're running the latest version on your device. 


If you continue to experience issues after updating the app, please view our guides on how to Fix mileage tracking issues in QuickBooks Self-Employed for Android or Fix mileage tracking issues in QuickBooks Self-Employed for iOS


Level 3


Thanks for your reply but it is not correct.

If I do as you say and go to reports the only option is to download year by year there is no way to do a tax year. The drop down menu just gives you the years to view. If I download 2022 it is the whole of 22 not 22-23.


However if I do as you way and go to Miles for a custom period (which I don't have to specify as it already gives me the option to select a tax year), I then click download, it simply downloads all of my mileage not just my business mileage - how mad is that? Even if I select only business mileage it still downloads everything in one list.


I am at my wits end - it is such a simple request and yet your system does not make life simple, instead it is complicating the matter totally. 

QuickBooks Team


Hi Annabel27, I appreciate this must be frustrating. So that we can check this further, please begin a chat or call our UK support line 0808 234 5337 where you'll be transferred to an available QuickBooks Self-Employed agent. 

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