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Level 3

New Custom Role - Unable to make changes


I'm a bit puzzled at the moment as I have read articles saying that there is no current ability for read only access, but then in the same post, there is a reply saying that custom roles CAN be created with specific permissions.

I have created a new role but I cannot see anywhere here that allows me to edit the permissions.  There are no links to edit and nothing is clickable.  I tried to save it in case the role needed to exist first but it will not let me save it as it says no permissions have been created.

I have also tried to edit an existing user with a predefined role but this is the same and it doesn't give any button or link to be able to change anything, only the button on the bottom that says save changes.

I have also noticed that when the permissions load, it shows the area and a summary.  I have to click three times to expand the list of permissions, once which collapses the description, again that brings the description back and then finally to show the list of permissions.

I have tried in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.  Also tried Incognito mode of Chrome.

Any help on this would be appreciated, as the Council have said that they need access to verify wage slips so I need to create a custom user role with only specific read only access to specific areas.

Thank you


QuickBooks Team

New Custom Role - Unable to make changes

Hi there, @pezza72.


I'll be glad to share information and troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.


Yes, the read-only access is currently unavailable in QBO. However, you can add and edit custom firm roles in which you can grant specific access while protecting sensitive areas of your firm's books in QuickBooks Online (QBO) Accountant. You'll have to make sure you log in as an admin or a user with full access permissions to add a new role.


Here's how:


  1. Go to Team.
  2. Select the Roles tab.
  3. Select Add role.
  4. Name the role and add an optional description.
  5. Select one or more of the options to set up access.
  6. In each section, check or uncheck the View, Create, Edit, and Delete capabilities as needed.
  7. Then, click Save Role.


For reference, check out this article: Manage custom firm roles in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Additionally, since you don't have the option to edit permissions, you'll want to clear your browser's cookies and cache to improve and speed up your browser's performance. Cookies and cache may prevent you from accessing the button and some features in QuickBooks.


If the issue persists, please send us a screenshot for our visual reference so we can guide you and provide a resolution that fits your concern.


To learn more about managing clients in QBO Accountant, refer to this link: Manage clients in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Furthermore, I'm attaching these articles for future reference in case you want to manage user and role rights in QBO Advanced:



Feel free to post a reply in this thread for additional information and clarification about managing roles in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help.

Level 3

New Custom Role - Unable to make changes

Hi @GebelAlainaM 


So I am logging in as myself and am the Primary Admin.


I have tried to clear all cookies (in fact all data) but I still do not see any ability to change the permissions.  I see the X (which I assume is default on a new custom role) but cannot select anything.


I have attached a screenshot of what I see...


I've also just cleared everything from firefox and tried that with the same results, and Edge also doesn't show any way to change the permissions.  I have pretty much turned off all protection on my browser temporarily to test but it still doesn't show anything





QuickBooks Team

New Custom Role - Unable to make changes

I recognize how having a seamless process when making changes to your custom role is of utmost importance, @pezza72. Your efforts to get this fixed is appreciated. 


Since you're still unable to select or modify the permissions despite being the primary admin, I recommend contacting our technical support. Our experts can arrange a screen-sharing session to identify the root cause of your issue and help you make the necessary changes to your custom role.


To reach our support team:


  1. Hover to the Help menu and click the Search tab.
  2. Click Contact Us, then type in a short description of your issue and concern in the box provided.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Select the Chat or Callback option.


Furthermore, you can edit your team member's info and remove them. This functionality will help you manage your team and keep their information up-to-date. 


As always, I'm here to assist you with further queries you may have concerning custom roles and permissions. You can leave a comment down below. 

Level 3

New Custom Role - Unable to make changes

Thanks @ShyMae ,


Just to update... I have spoken to Support today and having been passed to L2, apparently it is by design.  The articles shared (Manage custom firm roles in QuickBooks Online Accountant ) are apparently outdated / incorrect as apparently it is only for a client that custom roles can be created, not the practice (even though this ability to add a custom role is within the practice/team section and not the client area as this section doesn't filter by client.


It also appears that the product is also outdated/incorrect as this too leads people to think that you can add a role (custom) in the text of the pre-defined role section.  As well as this, the menu structure seems to imply that you can create a role for the firm/practice.  But the technician said because it also occurred on his screen then it is by design.


Both the L2 technician and myself have provided feedback on this





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