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No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

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No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

in QBO it is not done that way, you invite your accountant to log in as a user, then he can see your transactions and any attachments to those transactions

John C
QuickBooks Team

No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

Hi mikeu


What happens when you select My Accountant and select Shared documents is there an Upload option?

Jane F
Level 1

No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

I've had this same issue. In My Accountant > Shared Documents I get the screen (see attachment) that says "You don’t have any documents here yet" but there is no button that says upload. My accountant has one on their end, but I don't? Is this a technical issue that can be corrected by the user? 


No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

I'd be glad to guide you through the steps on how to send a file to your accountant, Jane.


The Shared documents tab will show the list of files that you've sent to your accountant. The option to send a file will not show up unless a request is made by your accountant and the file is already uploaded. 


For you to upload documents for the first time, your accountant needs to send a request. Once done, follow these steps on how to upload the file: 


  1. Go to the Requests tab. 
  2. Click the request under the To do section and go to Documents in the right-hand corner.
  3. Select Documents.
  4. Look for the Upload button and select the file that you want to send to your accountant.




Once a file is uploaded, go back to the Shared documents tab and an Upload button should show up. 




Additional details about this feature are also discussed in these articles:


Tag me in your follow-up questions if you still need more details from us. I'll jump right back to help you again. 

Jane F
Level 1

No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

Hi There, 


I have been sent a request from my accountant and I have a "cannot upload documents at this time message". Hasn't gone away or changed since I received the request.


If you can shed any light on this scenario it would be most appreciated. Thank you!!


No options showing to upload documents to "My Accountant"

Appreciate the screenshot, @Jane F!


I'll make sure you're able to upload and share documents with your accountant in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


It could be your browsing history is blocking QuickBooks from uploading documents. This is one of the possible reasons why you've received such an error. Let's perform a few browser troubleshooting steps to determine why you're unable to upload documents and resolve it. 


To begin with, let's log in to your QBO account and click the Shared Documents tab using a private browser. To use a private or incognito browser, here's how:


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Option P
  • Edge: Ctrl Shift + N


Then, go back to your regular browser and clear the cache if the private or incognito browser works fine. But if you get the same result while using a private browser, let's switch to different supported browser versions instead.


Now that you can upload and share documents, here's an article to read so you can organise and complete tasks from your accountant: Communicate and Collaborate with your Accountant in QuickBooks Online. You can also share this article for the other features your accountant can do to your accountAbout the Accounting Firms in QuickBooks.


If there's anything else that I can help you with aside from uploading and sharing documents in QuickBooks, please let me know by including my name, @JonpriL, in your reply. I'll be around and ready to assist you. Take care always, @Jane F!

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