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Resubscribing my QBO after cancellation

I have a problem in resubscribing my QBO which was cancelled before 3 weeks, any solution for this?


Resubscribing my QBO after cancellation

I want to fix the resubscribe problem you've encountered as quickly as possible, @ Abdullahi. This way, you can get back where you left off.


I have all the tools and resources necessary to address your QuickBooks concerns right here. May I know what specific issue you're encountering in resubscribing in QuickBooks? Did you receive any error messages? If so, could you please attach a screenshot? This way, we can double-check and provide you with the most suitable solution.


I'll be waiting for your response. I want to make sure this is taken care of immediately.


Level 1

Resubscribing my QBO after cancellation

My specific issue is that I am not able to login my company to resubscribe. When I enter user and password and try to login, it responds as:

"Thank you for your patience. We have received your request and will process your signup shortly".


An screenshot is attached below.

QuickBooks Team

Resubscribing my QBO after cancellation

Hi Abdullahi, thanks for getting back to us - please contact our support team on this link so that we can take some further account details to check the status of the compliance check :)

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