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Supplier credits

All of a sudden in Pay Bills Bills to pay are showing credits to be applied when in fact there should not be any credits. Have restarted computer, run Veryfy and Rebuild, and File Doctor but none have solved the problem.

QuickBooks Team

Supplier credits

Hello AndrewBI, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


If its showing an amount in set credits section, is that what your on about?


If its showing credits then you have credits somewhere. 


Can you run a transaction list by supplier report and customise it by transaction type, set it at credit notes and see what comes up for you there. 

Level 1

Supplier credits

Yes its showing credits available when I look at Pay Bills.

But if I open the Bill that it relates to it is shown as being paid?

I have run a transaction list by supplier report, no credits are being shown.

Although entered as a Bill, the items are entered under expenses, could this be a problem.

The bill is a Credit Card where some of the items are general expenses and some are items.

These credits did not show up last week when I went to Pay Bills.

QuickBooks Team

Supplier credits

If you add the lines as expenses in the bills should be fine. Has the bill been overpaid by any chance? 

Level 1

Supplier credits

Something odd, the credits avaibale are

£8.48 3/1/16


£344.62 5/11/20

both I have found entered as Credits (Bills)

Reconcilliation balanced at end Oct 2020.

I have Voided both the Credits which has thrown out my Bank Account Balance by £613.81

Which coindentially is the outstanding Bill yet to be paid to the supplier?

Will see what transpires when I Reconcile at the end of this month.

Today I ran File Doctor Quick Fix, no problems advised. Then ran Diagnostic Tool, and it repaired file MSXML? Relaunched QB's and now the banl balalnce at the bank and QB's are the same.

However I now have another paid bill showing a credit, very odd.

Done a reconcile and it balalnces.

Will keep investigating.

Still got error File Doctor #12007 when I Update QB's??

One other problem is that the updates have a problem Error # 12007.

I use Google, but as QB advise they use Microsoft Explorer (Edge) as the dafult brower I set Edge as default browser rather than Googlw, but this did not solve the update.

Had this problem before, but File Doctor seemed to sort it.

Will run File Doctor again and see what happens.

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