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Hi I'm trying to upgrade my subscription from self-employed to quickbooks online. I dont see the upgrade button. I already cancelled my free trial of self-employed but when i try to choose my company in QB online it says you can't choose this company with you current subscription. How can I change withouth having to call the sales team

QuickBooks Team

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Hello there, @Megan07. Let me help you upgrade from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online without calling the sales team.


Before upgrading, you need to do the follow steps to ensure that the upgrading process from QBSE to QBO will be seamlessly. 


Save your financial reports in QBSE so you can have records of your work.


  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Select a tax year from the Tax detail section.
  3. Hit Download.
  4. Download your reports for each year you have in QuickBooks. 
  5. Repeat these steps for your Profit and Loss, Mileage, and Receipts. 

You'll also need to do this with your invoices and bank transactions. You can follow the steps below. 




  1. Go to the Invoice menu.
  2. Select the download option.
  3. Save it somewhere where you can quickly locate it.


  1. Go to the Transaction menu.
  2. Select the filter on the tax year or select All dates if you wish to bring all your transactions to QuickBooks. 
  3. Click the download option and save it somewhere on your computer where you can easily locate it.

After doing the steps mentioned above, you can now start manually switch from QBSE to QBO. Let me share some steps on how you can successfully to do it.


  1. Download and save your data.
  2. Sign up for QuickBooks Online.
  3. Move your transactions to QuickBooks Online.
  4. Cancel your QuickBooks Self-Employed subscription.


You can visit this article for more detailed steps I've laid out above: Switch from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online.


You can check out these articles below you can visit if you want to know more about QBO: 



If you need further help in upgrading your account, don't hesitate to reply to this post. We're always happy to assist you anytime. 

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Another option, purchase a 3rd party conversion service.

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