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Level 3

Symbols within Customer Display Name

We use symbols within our customer names and over the last 11 months never had an issue. All of a sudden the customer name is not displaying correctly. It will display ok in the customer list however when we click on the customer it shows symbol names instead of the / and & characters. 


For example, customer display name as:


21/128 - Glebe B1 & B2 


Is showing as:


21/128 - Glebe B1 & B2


Please may Quickbooks team look into this for us? Many thanks



Level 8

Symbols within Customer Display Name

Hi @LHarris89 


I hadn't noticed it before but, yes, I get the same issue.

When looking at the individual customer details, any characters are displayed as HTML.

(& is the HTML code for the & symbol)

Inspecting the code, the HTML codes are being carried over the Customer Name instead of the symbols.


So it looks like it's a pretty simple background coding error.

In places where it matters (invoice display, printing, etc) the symbols are carried through correctly.

Level 3

Symbols within Customer Display Name

Thanks for your reply, glad it's not just us.


We lost the ability to search and find customers yesterday however this appears to be working now and it's just an issue when viewing the customer.


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