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LCC Treasurer
Level 1

Clearing an Invoice paid for



I have an open invoice for £72.  The payment was made by cheque.  The cheque and another one for £200 were both paid into the bank at the same time showing a payment into the bank of £272.  In QB there is a 'Payment' for £272 but it wasn't linked to the invoice for £72.  I don't want to delete the invoice but how can I match the £272 payment to the outstanding invoice without unbalancing QB.


Thank you


QuickBooks Team

Clearing an Invoice paid for

Hello LCC Treasurer, so you can select the find match option on the transaction on the banking page and then use the resolve the difference for the 200, or just select receive payment on the invoice and it should show under credits on the payments screen ( you would need to post it to the creditors account from the for review screen first. ) 

LCC Treasurer
Level 1

Clearing an Invoice paid for

Sorry you don't understand. There are no open  bank transactions for the payment. I don't want to receive payment against the invoice as that will cause a difference of £72. 

QuickBooks Team

Clearing an Invoice paid for

Let me add some information, @LCC Treasurer.


If you want to link your open invoice to the £72 amount, you'll need to manually receive payment. Here are the steps you can follow: 


  1. Go to +New, and choose Receive payment.
  2. Select your Customer and fill in other important details.
  3. Choose the £72 amount of invoice on Outstanding Transactions.
  4. Tick the £72 credit amount that will show under the Credits
  5. Once done, click Save and close.


Furthermore, you can run and customize reports in QBO to give you a quick overview of your business.


Return to this post if you have other concerns about your invoices in QBO. I'll be here to lend a hand.

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