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Can the Customer Details Tab show the Customers VAT number

It shows Tax and tax identifier no but these do not contain the VAT number when added by editing customer
SME Bookkeeper
Level 4

Can the Customer Details Tab show the Customers VAT number

Hi @daveyj1,

Thanks for writing here.


As a seller, you need to add your VAT number to your invoice and QBO. you do not need to record your customer's VAT number. That is not your concern whether your supplier/customer is VAT registered or not. you are liable to record yours from your end. And the end of the quarter you need to prepare a VAT return and submit it to HMRC.


For any UK bookkeeping and VAT return help feel free to reach out through my bio.


All the best

@SME Bookkeeper 


Can the Customer Details Tab show the Customers VAT number

I have answers to your questions and a workaround for the Tax Reg. No not showing in the Customer Details section, @daveyj1


The Tax Registration Number is not displayed in the Customer Details works as intended in QuickBooks Online. As a workaround, you can add it in the Notes section. 


No worries because the Tax Registration Number will display in the invoice form. See the sample screenshot below for more reference:


I agree with SME Bookkeeper that it's essential to accurately record your VAT to submit correct tax forms and payments to the HMRC. For more information on handling your VAT, check out the following articles below: 



Additionally, read the following links below to know the different VAT codes and how to use these in QuickBooks: 



I am delighted to have been able to help you today. Please don't hesitate to mention my name if you need further assistance. Keep safe.

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