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QUickbooks Payroll Advanced - Timesheets



I want to upgrade my current QB system (QBO Plus, plus Standard Payroll) to add time-tracking functionality. I've been told that the combination of QB Payroll Advanced plus QB Workforce is a viable solution. I'd also need to upgrade from QBO Plus to QBO Advanced so that my whole team (about 12 people) could be users.


Does anyone have experience of using this tool-set for time-tracking? What exactly does it do? Also, can it handle time-tracking of volunteers, and consultants (ie non-employees).


Finally what is the UK cost of upgrading from Payroll Standard to Payroll Advanced, assuming I have already upgraded to QBO Advanced.





QuickBooks Team

QUickbooks Payroll Advanced - Timesheets

You've come to the right place for assistance, andy-mcwilliam. Let me help you upgrade your QuickBooks Online subscription and integrate additional functionalities into your plan.


With the newest designed solutions in QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advanced, you're able to add up to twenty-five (25) potential users to your account and track employees for their hours worked using a third-party timesheet provider. With this, you can track employee's time entries and other features. To help you keep going and manage your business tasks, here's how to upgrade from QBO Plus to Advanced subscription:


  1. Sign in to your QBO account and go to Settings.
  2. Select Account and Settings and click Billing & Subscription.
  3. Click Upgrade your plan and follow the on-screen instructions.


You'll want to check out this link to guide you with the plans and pricing of all the QuickBooks subscriptions, including their added features: QuickBooks Online UK Plans and Pricing.


Additionally, you may use third-party timesheet providers like QuickBooks Time, which allows you to have a mobile time tracking app, employee scheduling, GPS and geofencing, mileage tracking, and actual project activities. If you've subscribed and are ready to set up a time-tracking feature in your QBO account, I can help integrate this functionality to keep you going. To do this:


  1. Go to the Time tab from the left menu panel.
  2. Click Launch QuickBooks Time.


I've added this article for more detailed information: Set up your QuickBooks Time account in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Payroll.


Also, you visit the payroll pricing page to check out the latest price for QBO Payroll subscriptions.


Furthermore, I'm sharing these references to help you manage QuickBooks tasks and import timesheets to your online account:



We'll always be available in this forum if you require additional assistance managing your business tasks. Feel free to leave them in the comments below. Keep safe and have a good one!

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QUickbooks Payroll Advanced - Timesheets



Thanks for your response to my question. But I notice you do not refer to Quickbooks WorkForce at all, which I thought would be the preferred option. Instead you talk about using 'third party timesheet providers such as QuickBooks Time'. Surely QB Time is not 3rd party! But both QB Time and good 3rd party apps are a significant extra cost. Whereas QB Workforce, as I understand, is free. Am I missing something? Does Workforce not provide a proper timesheet function?


You don't mention QB Payroll Advanced either. Is this bundled into QBO Advanced? I don't think so. Do I really need Payroll Advanced to do timesheets? One of your colleagues said I did, but didn't say why. Also I can't find the UK cost of upgrading from QB Payroll Standard to QB Payroll Advanced.


Finally, I asked whether a QB timesheet solution would handle people who are not employees. That is volunteers, and consultants (paid, but not employees). The apparent requirement for a Payroll package makes me suspicious that your timesheet offering is only geared to employees.


Is there any way I could do a free trial in order to answer these questions. I have trialled Payroll Advanced a number of years ago, and suspect it may not be straightforward to do another trial. But our requirements have moved on in the meantime.


I know there are a lot of questions in there, but it would be great if you (or anybody else) could answer them all.





QuickBooks Team

QUickbooks Payroll Advanced - Timesheets

Hello Andy-mcwilliam,


Here are some articles for you to look at that has all the information you need on them.


Advanced Payroll hub | QuickBooks Online


Set up and use Work Types in timesheets in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll


Get started with QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app). 


Invite employees to QuickBooks Workforce to see payslips, P60s and more


Manage timesheets in QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app)


You can enter timesheets on advanced payroll without the need for any add ons, and your employees can submit timesheets from WorkZone app. You would need to set them all up as an employee on the system even if they are a volunteer. 


The difference in price is

£4/mo + £1 per paid employee/mo for standard (all prices + VAT @20%)

£8/mo + £1 paid employee / mo for advanced   (all prices + VAT @20%)


Would also like to add and point out that you can use the advanced version of payroll on Quickbooks Plus, you don’t need to upgrade to QuickBooks Advanced just to access that payroll version. 


So if you have standard payroll it is workforce you use and if you have advanced payroll is it workzone. So workzone has more features then workforce. Workforce just lets them view payslips and payroll documents whereas workzone let them submit their timesheets and request leave. 

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