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Converting from Online to Desktop

We moved from Desktop to Online a few months ago.  It has been a complete disaster and we want to move back to Desktop.  There are so many functions that we had in Desktop that are not available in Online that we simply cannot run our business effectively anymore.  Has anyone done this before please?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Converting from Online to Desktop

Hi Office7,

Thank you for your post.

There have certainly been instances before where customers move from the desktop version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks online, and decide that it's not for them. Although there is no direct backwards migration for the UK versions, it is possible to export your customer, supplier, product and service data from QuickBooks online into Excel, and then import this into QuickBooks desktop via excel also.

It will not be possible to migrate any transactions across which have been created in QuickBooks online back into QuickBooks desktop, without the use of a third party tool such as 'Transaction pro importer'

Another alternative choice would be, if you still have your old QuickBooks desktop file, you could re open this and then re enter the data from QuickBooks online which has been created in the last 2 months.

Best regards,