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Record refund for partially paid bill



We had a bill of £3000 (for illustrative purposes), it was agreed that we would pay this bill in two parts.

So we paid £1000, and a further £2000 would be payable upon completion of job a few months later.


We paid the £1000 and marked the bill as partially paid.  But since then this job has been cancelled.

The supplier has sent us a credit note for the £3000 and then refunded the £1000.


How do we record this accurately in QBO.


We have added the credit note and applied the bank deposit, but it now shows the supplier has a negative balance.



QuickBooks Team

Record refund for partially paid bill

Hello Sam, 


Welcome to the Community page,


You would need to record this as a supplier refund the steps are below on how to do this. 


Refund from your suppliers
1. Create a supplier credit (+ icon -> supplier credit)
2. Choose the correct date and supplier and expense account, put in the amount, choose VAT, save
3. Then click on the + icon again, and choose Bank Deposit, to show that the money went into your bank account
4. Choose the correct bank account on the top left corner, choose the date when the money actually hit your account
5. For Received from choose the correct supplier, for the account choose Creditors, put the amount in, choose No VAT
6. On the Supplier's page create cheque
7. Add both the deposit and the supplier credit from the right side to link them (this shows QuickBooks, that the supplier credit has been used, and money was received from the supplier), save and close
8. Match the deposit against the transaction on your banking screen

Level 1

Record refund for partially paid bill

Hi Ashleigh, 

How do you do this with the desktop version?

Thank you in advance.


QuickBooks Team

Record refund for partially paid bill

Thanks for joining in this conversation, @Liz18. There are various ways to record a refund you received from a supplier in QuickBooks Desktop. 


You can choose the appropriate scenario and follow the recommended steps to record the refund in QuickBooks. Check out this article for your reference: Record a supplier refund in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can also visit our QuickBooks Articles to get some easy steps and hints in managing your business.  


Feel free to post some more if you need anything else. I'm always here to assist. Take care!



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