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Hours worked shown on payslip

It seems since the start of the tax year in the UK hours worked for overtime etc now need to be included on employees payslip by law.

The self seal slips which I have been using for years only allow for rate & amount to be printed off not number of hours.

Does anyone know how I can get round this or if in fact new payslips will be availble for UK customers? Annoying as had just bought new box!

Article available of Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

QuickBooks Team

Re: Hours worked shown on payslip

Hey Kirsty,


There is an option under "Printer Setup", where you can choose Full Page, or Two per page rather than Self-Seal.

When choosing Full Page, for example; it shows more information, and shows the number of hours under the "Qty" column.


You access Printer Setup through the File button, Then Printer Setup and select the Payslip Style as something other than Self Seal.