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Making an employee a leaver in Advanced payroll

I'm relatively new to the online payroll as up until April I was using Quickbooks desktop.  I need to know the best  process of making an employees a leaver in the online Advanced payroll.  I notice it is termed "termination" and not leaver.  I wasn't sure if I needed to run the last pay run and then terminate the employee afterwards or as I have now read, run the payroll at the same time as making them a leaver, via the action tab.  As it happens I have already run the payroll and submitted an FPS as I would have done in the desktop version.  I then terminated the employee but how do I send a manual FPS to let the HMRC know?  Should I have done it all in with the payrun before I submitted the FPS?  Not sure which is the best way to do it.   

QuickBooks Team

Making an employee a leaver in Advanced payroll

Hi jemmab1734, 


Thanks for your post. 😊 


In QuickBooks Advanced payroll, it's correct to record the employee as a leaver before running them on their final payroll. This way, HMRC will be notified of the leaver in the FPS and a P45 will be generated within QuickBooks.


To record an employee as a leaver, you would select the option to 'Terminate Employee' and enter a termination date, which should fall within the pay period dates of your next pay run.


As you can only submit one FPS per pay period, to resolve this you should roll-back and re-run this pay run which will then allow you to re-submit as a correction to an earlier submission. 


To rollback the payroll, simply go to Pay Runs > Select the relevant pay-period listed > Select Pay Run Actions > Unlock > Delete. 


You will then be able to re-run this period by selecting 'New Pay Run'. Please get back to us below if you have any questions on this!