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Overriding SSP waiting days for Covid19 on Desktop

Moving to Quickboks Online for payroll after 5 April but need to process payroll on Desktop up until then.  Employee has been off for a week with Corona, should therefore be a full week's SSP of £95.85 but coming up with £53.  Stuck as cannot bring SSP start date earlier as system doesn't let me cross the start date with the previous week's earning dates and can't override wait days so employee gets full week's SSP.  I tried manually overriding the SSP figure while processing payroll but then I get a dialogue box telling me if I change the SSP figure this won't be reflected in the amount we get back from HMRC.


Overriding SSP waiting days for Covid19 on Desktop

It's nice to see you again, @Caroline69.


You should be able to change the SSP figure by overriding this manually. Since you're getting this prompt, I'd recommend reaching out to our Payroll Support.


This way, they can access your account in a secure environment and check this further using their tools. You can check this link on how to reach them: Desktop Payroll Support.


Let me know if you need anything else. I'm here if you have follow-up questions. Have a good one.

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