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Payroll journals - help needed

Is there anyone on here who could help me with a query regarding payroll journals using Payroll Advanced?  


The problem is this


Previously an accountant completed our payroll through some sort of software application, after a few years of problematic service we decided to take payroll on ourselves using Payroll Advanced through Quickbooks Online.  I thought it was going to be straightforward and did a lot of research before taking this on, I am aware of my limited knowledge around payroll but had expected to have more support - the online guide just doesn't seem to cover the actual processes.  The payroll has gone through for this month and is reflected as a 'journal' in the 'not specified' column on the 'Budgets vs Actuals'.  The total liabilities for salaries costs are reflected in this column under new expense lines.


When I look at the transactions page of my account that still need to be reviewed, the salaries appear here because they have been paid out and have been deducted from our bank account.  However, i can't seem to allocate these amounts to the journal as I had been expecting.  I should say that I cannot understand how these journals work.  The journal is currently adding into the actual total expenditure on a line called 'Wages expenses' but doesn't seem to be impacting on the Quickbooks/Bank Balance reconciliation i.e if I were to allocate all the current transactions that need reviewed then the bank account and Quickbooks would match so even though the journal looks like expenditure it must not be deducted from the Quickbooks balance.  I am so sorry if this sounds really stupid and obvious but I just need someone to explain to me how this actually works.  

I have contacted Quickbooks and after a lengthy conversation, they gave me some options to resolve the matter but none of them seems to work.  They advised me to exclude the salary payments but I can't do that, as we are a funded organisation and all of our salaries are paid by different funders and also this would not reconcile Quickbooks/Bank balance.

Alternatively they said that I can allocate the salaries to the journal but this is not possible as far as i can see.  Please help if you can.  I really need someone who understands how journals work in relation to this.


Previously I just allocated the salaries to be paid from which ever funder was appropriate but not this seems very messy.  I am wondering if I needed to have done something before running payroll.  Thanks in advance 

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Payroll journals - help needed

So do I need to go in to the journal and amend it to reflect where I want it to be - so confused by this

QuickBooks Team

Payroll journals - help needed

Hi Sineado!


Let me share some info and help you with payroll entries in your banking.


I'd like to reiterate the workaround that has been shared with you by our Support Team. We're unable to match the download transactions from the bank to the payroll entries in QuickBooks Online so you'll want to exclude them.


The system automatically creates a record of your payroll entries once you processed them in QuickBooks Online. What you'll want to make sure of is that you set up your accounts correctly so they'll be posted and organised to the right accounts.


Please check this link: Set up guide for QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll. This will explain more on how to manage your payroll including the steps on how to set up your Chart of Accounts.


In addition, here's our QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll hub. This is where you can see the different articles and references about QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll.


Keep on posting here if you have more concerns. Take care!

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