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Level 3

Payroll Journals not Posting

A few months ago I posted that my payroll journals were not being generated after running payroll and I was getting an error 'Unable to generate a valid document number for this journal'


I was advised to create a dummy journal with a different reference number, re-upload the payroll then delete the dummy journal.


That worked and I have had to do the same every month since as the journals will still not post automatically.  Last night I ran Novembers payroll, the journals failed so I created my dummy journal but this time, the payroll will not upload and I am still getting the same error.


Any idea how I can 

A/ Get the payroll journals to post without erroring every month

B/ fix the problem I have this month where the dummy journal is not fixing the problem



John C
QuickBooks Team

Payroll Journals not Posting

Hi mattymoo We'd be grateful if you could attempt to create a dummy journal again with a completely unique reference number, you could also try editing the reference of the last payroll journal to, again, something totally unique, and then running Novembers payrun. Please reach out to us again if these options don't resolve your issue.

Level 3

Payroll Journals not Posting

Hi John

I have gone back through all my payroll journals for the last few months to make sure they all have unique references & that the dummy journal has a unique reference, but Novembers payroll is still not posting and I have the same error.


I really do not want to have to post the journals manually each month as it is time consuming and open to error, so I really need to fix this issue. 


Any other suggestions?

QuickBooks Team

Payroll Journals not Posting

I recognize the benefit of having the payroll journals posted automatically each month, @mattymoo. Let me give some ideas as to why it doesn't post in some cases.


There are a couple of things you'll need to consider to find out why you're getting the error message indicated above. Here is the list:


  1. Make sure that the "Close the books" feature is disabled for the month of November. If not, see this guide to turn it off: Close your books in QuickBooks Online.
  2. Make sure that their "Net pay account" is mapped as a foreign currency account under payroll settings.
  3. If migration from QuickBooks Desktop is done, make sure that the old payroll liabilities and payroll expenses accounts are renamed and have "desktop" at the end.


After going through each step, you may try to re-run the payroll month and see if it posts the data you want. If not, I recommend creating another dummy journal entry to any accounts for 0.01£. Ensure to use a transaction number that has never been used before in both QBDT and QBO.


Once done, try to run the payroll again and see if it shows the journal created. Don't forget to also delete the dummy journal to avoid messing up the account. Lastly, make sure to enable the "Warn when a duplicate journal entry number is used" option. This prevents you from using the same journal entry number.


Here are also some additional modules that you may find helpful when keeping track of and managing payroll transactions in QuickBooks.



Keep in touch if you need more help with payroll or QuickBooks in particular. We're available 24/7 to back you up. Take the best care always and don't overwork yourself!

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