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The Fencer
Level 1


How do I pay an employee wages in part bank transfer and part cash please. I know how to pay a whole payment in cash or bank transfer but not both.

QuickBooks Team


It’s good to see you here, The Fencer.


That’s a great idea to pay your employees’ wages in part in QuickBooks Online (QBO). The same as you mentioned, to pay this in part bank transfer and the other part in cash. However, this functionality is not yet available in the product.


Thus, I recommend you extend this suggestion to our product development team. This will enable us to better understand how to meet your business's needs. Depending on how many requests they get, they could also add this functionality to later editions. You can accomplish this by following the instructions listed below on a web browser:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Enter a brief description of your product suggestion.
  4. Click Next to submit feedback.


We regularly take your suggestions into account while updating our products. In this, you can track the progress of your feature request in our Feedback forum.


If you have more questions about QuickBooks, please let me know by commenting below. Have a good one!

Level 8


Hi @The Fencer 


As a workaround, you would need to enter the full payment as a Bank Transfer / Cheque.

Enter the Cash payment as a Transfer from Cash Account to Bank Account.

This might be a bit of a fudge but it makes sure that both accounts have the correct balances (& really, that's all that matters).


Hope this helps.

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