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QB EPS Help please

Hi QB Payroll community


I started standard QB payroll for my client in April 2022 start of the payroll year. The client has two employees. I processed the April payroll but could not see anywhere to file EPS to HMRC to claim Employment Allowance. When I started processing the May payroll, I discovered I had not filed EPS. I called the QB support line, and they advised that you can not file EPS after the 19th of May.

Anyway, she advised to file zero payroll employees payroll for May; then EPS will be generated. Then regenerate employees' payroll again and submit May 2022 payroll. So we submitted almost 3 FPS to HMRC but can not see EPS after 05 June.

I still have a  Money Soft payroll license, so I filed EPS from money soft for April 2022.  I checked the HMRC PAYE portal and can not see any PAYE liability for May 2022.


Now I am worried that we need to file EPS monthly from QB or not, as I can not see any EPS on QB. If yes, how to resolve this issue as the HMRC portal is not showing any PAYE liability.




QB EPS Help please

Hello Rubina.


I appreciate the detailed information about EPS submission concerns.


The EPS is a cumulative report that is available to submit between the 6th-19th of the following tax month. If not submitted by this date, the EPS for that period can be deleted and will generate the following period containing that data.


Since you haven't submitted EPS for April on time, you may consider contacting our Payroll Support if you have data that needs to be deleted. And if it still doesn't show on those dates mentioned, please check with HMRC for further assistance.


I've added this article for additional reference and guide on EPS submission: Submit EPS to HMRC in QuickBooks Online.


Please know that if you need more help, the Community is always here ready to assist.

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QB EPS Help please

Hi Glinette


Many thanks for your reply.

I spoke while processing May 2022 payroll to the Payroll helpline, and she informed me to file 0ne EPS to claim EPS, so I pointed from other software. I am not claiming any additional allowance except Employment Allowance.


Do we need to file each month's EPS for Employment Allowance to HMRC or not?

QuickBooks Team

QB EPS Help please

Hello, there, @PyramidPointAcc. I'm here to share more details on when you can submit EPS to HMRC in QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP).

In QuickBooks Online, information on the Employment Allowance is submitted to HMRC via the employer payment summary (EPS), this will become available to submit between the 6th of the following tax month.

However, you need to submit EPS to HMRC by the 19th every month if haven’t paid any employees in a tax month or if you need to do the following:

  • Claim a tax credit for statutory maternity or statutory paternity pay made to employees excluding the sick pay.
  • Claim Employee Allowance.
  • Show Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) suffered, be sure to include your COTAX number.

Furthermore, you can refer and see how to submit this using either the Standard and Advanced payroll by clicking the appropriate link.

You may also want to reach out to our Payroll support team to further assist you in submitting your EPS. They use specific tools to pull up your account and guide you with the entire process.

Please know that, you can always post reply if you need more help in your EPS submission. I'll be around. Have a good one!

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QB EPS Help please



What is employee allowance? Are you talking about employment allowance?


QB EPS Help please

Allow me to join the conversation and share info to answer your question, PyramidPointAcc.


I've read the responses in this thread, and I can see that the latest is indeed referring to the employment allowance program. 


Employment Allowance was first introduced in 2014. It allows eligible employers to reduce their annual National Insurance liability by up to £5,000. It’s designed to support smaller employers with their employment costs.


You are eligible if you're running a business, charity, or community sports club that has employees who are paying Employers Class 1 NICs. Here's a link from the HMRC that talks about this for more details:



I'd be glad to join you again in this thread if you have more questions for us. We're always here to make sure everything is taken care of. 

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