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Running Payroll Advanced UK - no postings appearing in Bank Account

Hi There, 

In desktop , which I've moved from, the payroll net amounts would be posted to the bank account in Quickbooks. In Advanced Payroll online,  I know I have to pay people manually, so that's all done, however when I come to reconcile there are no net payments entered from the finalised Pay run? How do I get the pay runs to post the individual net amounts paid to the bank account?





QuickBooks Team

Running Payroll Advanced UK - no postings appearing in Bank Account

Hi, RoscoPC.


As long as you have a bank statement that you can compare the transactions in QuickBooks with, you can reconcile the account. 


Let’s go to the employee’s page to check what payment account you used for the payroll.


Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Employees tab.
  2. Choose Payroll settings.
  3. Select Chart of Accounts.
  4. Find the Default accounts.


If it’s the bank account you used for the payment, it should export the payroll entries.


If it’s the payroll clearing account, then you need to allocate the bank transactions to payroll clearing to the connected bank.


Once the bank is not connected, you can manually create an expense categorize to payroll clearing.


Also, I'm adding a link to our online tutorials. These videos can help you reconcile your account in QuickBooks: How to reconcile a bank account and common troubleshooting tips.


If you have further questions or other concerns, let me know by posting a comment below. I’ll be around to assist you further.

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Running Payroll Advanced UK - no postings appearing in Bank Account

Hi MaryAnn, 

Thanks for the reply, 


however, the Bank account is not an account I can choose for Payroll Clearing? If it was I'd choose it. Is there some other setting that I need to make to make it accessible to the Advanced Payroll Solution? It only shows the accounts that are the default accounts, chosen when first setting up the payroll, shown on the right below. No other accounts are available to choose...


Payroll Account > Payroll Clearing

Wages Expense Account > Wage Expenses

Default Payroll Liability > Default Liability




It's like Payroll is a different system and doesn't see all the accounts in quickbooks? If we resolve this issue, will they automatically post going forward?


Kindest regards


Paul (Rosco)


Running Payroll Advanced UK - no postings appearing in Bank Account

Hi, RoscoPC.


Allow me to help you further with changing your payroll account in QuickBooks Online. You'll need to import your bank from the external account so you can choose it from the list of the bank to use for the Payroll Account.


Here's how:


  1. On your Chart of Accounts under Payroll Settings, click Import Accounts.
  2. Find and choose the account you want to use for payroll and hit Save Accounts List.
  3. Once done, you can now change the default account for payroll.
  4. Hit Save.

This will be your posting account for your payroll transactions moving forward. I'm including these articles to help guide you more about the Advanced Payroll in QuickBooks:


Also, please know that you can always visit our Help Articles page for QuickBooks Online in case you need some reference for your future tasks.


I've got your back if you need more help with changing payroll account in QuickBooks. I'd be more than willing to lend you a hand.

Level 4

Running Payroll Advanced UK - no postings appearing in Bank Account

Hi ,

I've ended up creating an unscheduled journal entry, as I'm concerned that otherwise there will be a single payment amount hitting the bank account. Each Employee gets a payment in their name coming out of our bank account, rather than a total. So in order to reconcile, I created an Unscheduled Journal and added each employee with their payment amount debiting the bank account, and then the balancing item goes to "Payment" account where the payment is automatically taken from when running and finalising Pay Run.

This then balances the journal and reduces the "Payment" account to zero.


Just sharing my use of the functionality.



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