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Level 2

Terminate employee on first pay run

We are running QBOAP and are about to do our first pay run for employees having moved from Sage.


This means all employees have their annual leave for the year accruing on April's pay run.


We also have a leaver on this pay run, who has taken more leave so far this year than they will be entitled to once the pro-rata amount is calculated (e.g. for the year they would be entitled to 22.5 days; from 1st Jan to 30th April the pro-rata is therefore 7.5 days allowance, but they have taken 8.5 days).


What do we need to do in order to have the pay run calculate all of this correctly? We are happy to find workarounds if it can't be done smoothly by the system - e.g. we can set their leave allowance for the year as 7.5 instead of 22.5, or we can tweak allowances through the Actions button on their record in the pay run.


As it is our first pay run on QBOAP we are expecting teething issues, we just weren't expecting a leaver who has taken more leave than they are entitled to, at the same time!

Level 2

Terminate employee on first pay run

Actually, I've done some testing and found the method is actually very simple - am listing it here in case it helps anyone else.


Create the pay run

Annual leave accrues for all employees as per our settings

Apply leave taken

On the Employee - click Actions > Terminate employee - set leave date


QuickBooks calculated their leave allowance as 7.2 days pro-rata as they're not quite finishing the month; we have agreed to round this up to 7.5 days so the next steps are:

Actions > Accrue leave - add 0.3 days allowance of the right leave type


We then can see that their allowance from 1st Jan to their leaving day is calculated correctly, with the extra day they've taken being deducted from their pay.


This was definitely easier than we'd actually expected, and far easier than our old system, which is great - and probably why we assumed it would be more complicated!

QuickBooks Team

Terminate employee on first pay run

I appreciate you for sharing the steps to handle and track the leaver who has taken more leave than they're entitled to, Su WM.


These instructions would also be helpful to the users here in the Community forum.


Please know that you're always welcome to share other ideas that can help other people in this forum or post some QuickBooks-related questions or concerns. We'd love to help you out.


Keep safe always!

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