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variable number of zero hour employees on Payroll

We are in the UK and use QuickBooks Online and are considering using QuickBooks payroll.

We have around 50 zero hour contractors on our payroll but only use (and pay) around 10 (different ones) every month.

At the moment our payroll is done with Brightpay (no issues, it works well).  HOWEVER that means that every month we need to manually create expense records in QuickBooks for each of the employees who worked that month so that we can reconcile the bank payments and produce P&L etc.

This is not really scalable, if business improves and the number of employees used each month increases.


My question is:  How does QuickBooks Payroll calculate the number of employees that we have?  We would of course need to enter all 50 as employees and report zero pay to HMRC for those who didn't work that month. 

To pay £1 per month for all 50 people on our books is not really viable (considering Brightpay is a total of about £200 per year!)

Anyone know the answer?  or have any suggestions - perhaps an easier way to get the data into QB?




QuickBooks Team

variable number of zero hour employees on Payroll

Hello Malcolm_s,


Welcome to the Community page, 


So in Quickbooks you would need the advanced payroll. 


So when you run the pay roll and say out of your 50 employees only 20 worked of the month of February you would only pay the 20 pounds, say in march if out of the 50 only 45 worked then you would pay 45 pounds on top of the subscription fee. so If you are running any employee as zero pay you wont get charged the pound for them. 

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variable number of zero hour employees on Payroll

Thanks for coming back so quickly. 

We can now look at the issue with more understanding.  Quickbooks Advanced Payroll may be the way we go to stop the manual entry into QB online.