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Ditching The Degree and Starting a Business: One Woman’s Story


Name: Faye Macis

Business: Little Happy Candles

Location: London

Launched: 2016


Faye Macis was studying for her master’s degree in mental health where she came up with the idea for Happy Little Candles. In the middle of a lecture, it struck her that even the smallest act of self-care can have a big effect on a person’s mental well-being. She knew she’d found her calling: helping to promote the little things in life—like pleasurable scents - that can positively impact people’s lives.


How did you create a business around “making people happy”?

In the past, I’d made what I called “happy boxes” as gifts for friends and family. Under the business name “Little Happy Goodies”, I made a product called “The Little Happy Hamper”. It was a small box filled with items such as soaps, lip balms, inspirational quote postcards, nail files—anything I thought would encourage a person to take time out and look after themselves, even if it was just for 30 seconds to moisturise their lips. One of the items in this box was a lavender and rosemary relaxation candle I had made myself.


After a few months of officially launching the hamper, I was receiving messages from people requesting that I make the candle available separately. I did, and soon I was spending more time making candles and the hampers fell by the wayside. I decided to focus my time exclusively on candles, but not just any old candles. I wanted to make more quirky products—candles people would be excited to burn, with a scent that would make them smile. I rebranded, and my journey running Little Happy Candles began.



What has been your biggest lesson? 

Working for myself, I discovered that—sure—I can “slack off” or have a lazy day whenever I want. But doing so negatively impacts business, especially if I also neglect my social media outlets. Maintaining regular engagement with your customers when you are a small business is so important.



What does your typical day look like? 

A business day generally starts with packing any new orders that have come in, then heading straight out to the post office. Some people may call me crazy for taking so many boxes to the post office, but it gives me peace of mind to personally see my orders off. Once I return, I get my wax melter going, make a cup of tea and sit down to stick wicks into candle jars (if I’m making melts, I can skip this step).


Next up is the actual candle making, followed by more tea, label printing and trimming and then packing any orders that may have come in.


Once the wax has completely cooled, I can trim the wicks down to the recommended size, screw the lids on and apply all the necessary labels. Typically, this process would happen the next day, but I’m running a 2-day system at the moment. I’m about to start working at a psychiatric facility, but because of my flexible shifts and my husband’s involvement in the company, I’ll still be devoting as much, if not more, time to the business.




What are some of the ups and downs of working for yourself?

Being your own boss is empowering. I’ve gained so much confidence in myself and my products. I love that I can be creative and come up with ideas with little holding me back.


However, it is difficult sometimes. There are so many things to do behind the scenes, such as balancing the books and doing copious amounts of product testing. Testing can be especially trying—it’s disheartening when a potential new product isn’t working after feeling excited about it and then pouring hours and money into its development.


I’m incredibly stubborn, so learning when and how to let go of certain things has been a challenge.



What do you want from a small business community? 

I would like to absorb as much knowledge as I can from people who are more experienced than me. Running a business is still all very new to me, and when it comes to taking it to the next level and expanding further, I’m in the dark. I’m hoping to meet some like-minded people—and maybe even make a few new friends!


Before you go

What have you sacrificed to pursue your self-employed & small business dream? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!





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Re: Faye Macis Pours Heartfelt Compassion Into Her Little Happy Candles

It's really fun to read these stories!


Re: Faye Macis Pours Heartfelt Compassion Into Her Little Happy Candles

What a great story. I absolutely love reading the profile stories! It's great to read about other people in the business world. “Making people happy” is a huge concept of my business... Positively impacting others makes a great impact! And encourages people to re-visit and purchase again.


Hi @ReneeJ, welcome to the QB Community! I totally agree with you. Are you self-employed and have a small business? What do you want from a small business community? I would love to know!!