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How to Enter Customer's Bank Account Info In QuickBooks Online UK and Create Automatic Payments?

I am a US Business owner that uses QBO. We just opened a UK Business and have QBO UK, which is very different from the US Version in terms of payment Features.  I need to understand how to go about doing the thing I describe below.


Background: In my US Businesses, customers sign an e-contract and enter all their payment information such as bank account info or credit card info on that e-contract we control. We then create their customer record in QBO and in the payment area of their customer record, we enter their credit card info and/or bank account info into the payment method fields. The same payment info they provided in the e-contract.


Screen shots from QBO USA are shown below.


Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 1.51.43 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 1.51.54 PM.png


Then when we issue a recurring Sales Receipt, the payment is automatically processed and pulls money from their account. The customer doesn't do anything besides give us that information in our e-contract, and sign legal documents that authorize us to have it, and authorize us to enter it into the system and have it auto-debit from their payment method on file.


The same goes for direct debit.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 8.02.22 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 8.02.32 PM.png


If the customer requests additional one-off services, and we do have to generate an invoice, we have in our legal contract with them that when we do this, we will automatically charge their payment method on file, so if the customer calls in and needs 10 hours of pro-services for $5000, we complete the work, generate the invoice, and pull the $5000 immediately upon completion. They get the receipt that its been done.


Issue/Question: I can't find this in our QBO UK. Where is it?


We set up PayPal for Credit Card Processing and GoCardless for Direct Debit, but I don't see anywhere that we can enter the payment information the customer has provided to us for the purposes of auto-debiting every month.


When we open the customer record, there is literally no area enter their visa card number, 3-digit code, name on the card, billing address on the card, and expiration date on the card.


Same with bank account for ach/direct debit payments, there is literally no area on their customer record for us to enter their bank account number, routing number, iban #, bank name, authorization code, and bank address.


Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 1.50.54 PM.png


Is there some kind of add-in we need to get to enable this basic functionality?


We do not want to make it easy for the customer to not pay us. Customers who want us to send them an invoice and they pay it are not the business customers we deal with. We are a 100% auto-pay yearly contract operation. Since we sell customer enterprise subscription software, and provide professional services, as well as provide helpdesk and msp services via contract,  we require the customer to supply us with their payment info, sometimes 2 or 3 payment methods in case one expires or is maxed out or they cancel it because it was lost or stolen, and we vet it and make sure we have alternate payment methods if necessary to ensure we get paid in accordance with the contract, and then we process their payment method via auto-pay every month using a sales receipt recurrent translation that bills the method we enter. This weeds out all the customers who are at risk or have problems paying their bills. We are like a utlity that pulls money out of their account every month unless their contract expires or they change their payment method on file.


If the customer needs to change their payment method that is on file with us, they either call it in and provide to our payments team over the phone, or they filled out an electronic payment method update form and provide us with their updated payment information that way. We then key this payment information into QBO.


Back to the actual problem, I can not find where we can enter the payment information into QBO UK.


Is this done via Add-in as opposed to being native to QBO UK?


Can someone advise on what options are available doing this?

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How to Enter Customer's Bank Account Info In QuickBooks Online UK and Create Automatic Payments?

Do you have another app to manage e-contracts?

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How to Enter Customer's Bank Account Info In QuickBooks Online UK and Create Automatic Payments?

We have signed permission from the customer and are legally permitted by them to facilitate payment this way.

We can produce this signed permission to any authority and for any audit.

I need to know how to enter the payment information we have into Quickbooks so that we control it on our end.

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