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Payee field in Rules not saving

I'm creating rules for each of my suppliers and customers. However, when I look back at the transactions added and then also at the rules created it has not kept the Payee I have created. If I then re-add it then save, then add another to another, when I go back to the first it now displays the payee I added for the second one. I cannot tell if the Payee is being saved or not. I'm new to this platform and cannot understand how such a simple thing is so wrong. Maybe it is me. I have tried clearing the cache and making sure that wasn't the issue but it seems more inherent to the web app programming.

Any help?



Payee field in Rules not saving

Hello Sean_pidigital, thanks for posting on the Community page, we have had no other reports of this come in, can you please try on a different browser see if the same thing still happens. Can you also try clearing your cache and cookies to all time, close the browser down, reload it and try again see if that resolves it for you, if not and still having issues, we would advise you ring the support line on 0808 234 5337 so you can set up a screenshare with the agent on the phone so this can get looked into more for you and if required raised up to the higher team for you as well. 

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