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How to connect website to Quickbooks


We have 1500 subscribers.   I manage them via Excel sheets (!)  I now want to create a subscription system on my (bespoke) website then integrate payments with QB


So users get alerted when subsription is up for renewal. I imagine the system automatically requests QB to generate an invoice and provides the user a link which they then pay.  


Once payment is received QB needs to notify the website that payment has been made. The website then extends their subscription.


I can do all the subscription development.  Is the rest achievable via the QB API?


Can we also set up new customers in our website and have the same created in QB, so they are linked.


Has anyone else done something similar?







How to connect website to Quickbooks

Hello Rob, thanks for posting in the Community. We welcome other users who have done somethiing similar with their bespoke website to reply. We would also recommend getting in touch with QuickBooks developers at this link. 

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How to connect website to Quickbooks


Consider having a subscription management app to integrate with QBO.

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