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Level 1

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

I have been submitting Vat returns using QB online but today QB online cannot connect to HMRC anyone got any ideas

QuickBooks Team

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

Hello refprint, thanks for joining the Community


Do you see a prompt to Take action on your VAT dashboard, and does any specific message show there?


Please also check that the start and end dates of your open VAT period in QuickBooks match those being requested by HMRC. 


To rule out any server errors or browser issues connecting to 3rd parties like HMRC, try logging into QB via a private browsing window (on Chrome or MS Edge, press Ctrl + Shift + n to open). 


Get back to us below if this doesn't fix. :)

Laxmi P
Level 1

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

I'm having the same issue. The HMRC connection for Making Tax Digital is enabled, Gateway ID and password are correct but I'm getting the CLIENT_OR_AGENT_NOT_AUTHORISED when I click on TAKE ACTION. I'm going round in circles with the Fix MTD issues. Is the best option to disconnect MTD then start again? I've been submitting to HMRC without issues until now.


MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

I understand how this issue affects your business tasks, @Laxmi P. I am familiar with several potential causes and solutions that can help you resolve this error.


To resolve this error and proceed successfully, it is recommended to update your MTD connection. The error message 'CLIENT_OR_AGENT_NOT_AUTHORISED' is frequently encountered when utilising MTD services in QuickBooks Online (QBO). This particular error message can occur in situations where:

  • It is necessary to reauthorise the connection between QBO and HMRC.
  • The credentials you entered for MTD during the setup process in QuickBooks do not match the correct credentials provided by HMRC.
  • The VAT registration number recorded in QuickBooks does not align with the information in HMRC's records. If you have received a new VAT registration number, it is essential to update this information in your VAT settings.


If you're an accountant/bookkeeper:



For detailed information, kindly visit: Fix MTD issues and errors in QuickBooks Online.

With the year coming to a close, there are specific tasks in QBO that you must complete to prepare for the upcoming year. To ensure a smooth transition, I recommend referring to this article as a helpful guide for completing year-end tasks: QuickBooks Online year-end guide and checklist.

I kindly request that you keep me posted on how things are progressing by leaving a comment below. I assure you that I'll be here to offer any necessary help.

Farnborough Christian Outreach
Level 1

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

If you have to reauthorise MTD how do you do this on QuickBooks online?

QuickBooks Team

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

Hi Farnborough Christian Outreach, thanks for joining this thread 


If you don't receive an email prompt to re-authorise the connection, you can instead disconnect and reconnect MTD in QuickBooks to complete the reauthentication for another 18 months. 


To do this, begin by turning off MTD by following the steps below:


1. Select the gear icon and select Account and settings.
2. Select Advanced.
3. Select the pencil icon next to Making Tax Digital.
4. Select Learn how to Disconnect and follow the steps.


After this, log out and back into QuickBooks, then navigate back to the MTD settings and select 'Learn how to connect'. 

Fil Sollof
Level 1

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

I have exactly the same issue today, I have been sending my VAT for ages and never had an issue before. Making tax digital is enabled and all the dates start to end of period are correct. But it still says take action  

We can’t connect to HMRC right now .


help please





QuickBooks Team

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

Hello Fil Sollof, thanks for posting on the Community page, have you tried following the disconnect and reconnect steps in the above post to see if that resolves it for you?   If you still get the take action button you will need to do a full disconnection via the taxes page and then reconnect to hmrc but the partical should suffice for you to do.


Level 1

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

I am in the same loop as previous posters. Have disconnected. logged off and reconnected and still same error. This is driving me insane - I just want to submit my return!

QuickBooks Team

MTD QB online is unable to contact HMRC

Hi there, BevSomerset.


I understand the importance of submitting your tax returns on time and I appreciate your effort in resolving this issue on your own. Let me share some information to fix this.


If you're having trouble connecting to MTD in QuickBooks Online, the first thing you should check is to see if you have any outstanding obligations with HMRC. If you have any outstanding obligations, HMRC will not process your return until you meet those obligations. To avoid this, make sure you have no outstanding obligations before filing your tax return.


You can log into your HMRC online account to view all of your open obligations, including any taxes owed, and ensure that everything is up to date and settled before attempting to submit another return via MTD.


Also, you need to enable yourself to send submissions to HMRC for the company file you are using. This can be done by going into the settings for your company file.


Otherwise, if the problem persists, I recommend contacting our Support Team so that we can assist you and look into it further.


Let me know if you still need my help or if you have other concerns about MTD. I'll be happy to assist.

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