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QB Filed Quarter VAT Return not received by HMRC


Around the 12th Sept using QB MTD link within the VAT window we filed our VAT quarter return to 31/08/19

We were confirmed as LOGGED IN, we altered the dates as our quarter has been changed to match our year end.

We also made some figure adjustments as we are Flat Rate.

All figures matched and the FILE NOW link was clicked.

VAT Summary report showed correct figures.

Today VAT summary report ( same date period) shows all zero's, suggesting the report was filed.

VAT Control account shows General Journal entry for 31/08/19 as vat0020  along with the correct figures 

As of today 07/10/19 HMRC have no record of the return and suggest the problem must be within the software, eg QBooks.

We are running Desktop 2019 Pro


Can anybody help please.



QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Filed Quarter VAT Return not received by HMRC

I appreciate the detailed information you've shared, @CRT.


I'd like to redirect you to the best support available so this gets addressed right away.


Before we proceed, please make sure that the VAT period and VAT number are confirmed the same to HMRC.


Since it needs to view the submission log to verify the status, I suggest reaching out to our Technical Support Team. Agents have the necessary tools to verify the status of the submission. They can also further investigate this matter and help you from there.


Our contact details can be found here along with our opening hours:


  1. Go to:
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. On the Contact Us page, select Run the business.
  4. Click on the Get Phone Number or Start a Message button to connect with a live agent.

In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBDT Self-help.  


Feel free to leave a reply below if you have further questions with QuickBooks. The Community team and I are always here to help.

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Re: QB Filed Quarter VAT Return not received by HMRC

Hi Mark


Thank you very much for your reply and advice.

Its been a very long day this end hence the late reply.

I'll do as you suggest and update you with an outcome once we have it.



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Re: QB Filed Quarter VAT Return not received by HMRC

I cannot say we have solved this on going issue.


 Proffessional help from a very good lady with the tech team worked through checking things.

We had not entered our VAT number in HMRC Supplier details field. In our ignorance we didn't know we had to and assumed that having entered it in our company details and having used it in numerous other scenarios within QB, it would be where it needed to be. It wasn't. Our mistake.

Another likely issue is that the type of Return is not set as VAT 100(UK) it is blank! but cannot now be changed as items are "using" the vat account as set! again our error! ( to clarify, this is all within "EDIT SUPPLIER") our supplier in this case being, HM Revenue & Customs.

It looks like everything from the quarter will have to be deleted, VAT RETURN set to what it should be, then re-enter everything! Luckily we are not a big business with dozens of daily reciepts and invoices but never the less a royal pita if it does come down to it!

We are currently waiting beyond 24hrs as advised by HMRC to see if the last submission has actually  connected.

Update to follow once we know more.


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Re: QB Filed Quarter VAT Return not received by HMRC



Wow! what a nightmare, most if not all of our own making! due to ignorance in the initial setting up of the account several years ago.

We are only a small entity and do not utilise a very large proportion of what QB has to offer but as a result of not setting up a supplier (HMRC ) correctly in the first place, bit us later when MTD was introduced.

Credit to the young lady I was on the phone with for over 3hrs this afternoon, a true proffessional, she got to the bottom of it and we are sorted.


Thank you Mona Liza

QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Filed Quarter VAT Return not received by HMRC

Thanks for updating the thread and passing on the positive feedback, it's great to hear you were able to get to the bottom of this with one of our agents, and just in time for the weekend!