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Access to archive data in desktop version after migrating to online



We have recently moved to Quickbooks online after using the desktop version for years. 


We have found out that all the attachments from the desktop version do not migrate across, so this means we still need read only access to the old data within the desktop version for at least a year for audit and reference purposes.

We have now been told that access to the desktop version will be turned off within 7 days, and support don't seem to be very helpful.

Has anyone else had this problem? We just need read only access, as we are now paying for Quickbooks online - surely we don't still need to pay for the desktop version just to access the documents that don't transfer to online. How do we get continued access to this data?

Any help will be appreciated.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Access to archive data in desktop version after migrating to online

Make sure to secure backup files, portable files, and Attach folder by June 30.


Use the Export Tool for for the time being. If you really need to access the Attachment data, you may consider buying a 3rd party service to convert your data with attachment to QBO later.


QuickBooks Team

Access to archive data in desktop version after migrating to online

Hello Amc100 - welcome to the Community. We hope that you're finding your new QuickBooks Online account easy to use.


It's important to note that you'll no longer be able to access QuickBooks Desktop after 30 June 2023. The exceptions to this are for those who have an outright license for QuickBooks 2015 or earlier versions, or for those who have a perpetual license purchased via one-off payment (either directly from Intuit or through a retail outlet like Curry's) whom will still have access. 


There's no read-only mode for QuickBooks Desktop. Instead, you'll be able to access specific data for compliance purposes using our Data Export Tool. This tool will be available for 7 years and requires you to download a copy of your company file to your computer prior to the discontinuation. You can then upload this to your web browser to view data for up to 8 hours at a time. If you want to continue viewing the data after this, simply re-upload the file. This tool, however, doesn't include attachments to bills/invoices. These would need to be saved to your desktop individually. To do this, navigate to QuickBooks Doc Centre (Company menu > Documents > Doc centre) or click the paperclip icon on the QuickBooks transaction or item, then right-click and select Save Copy to Desktop. Hope this helps. :)


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Access to archive data in desktop version after migrating to online

We moved to Online in February after twenty years of desktop which is all good however,  we still  need to view historical Sales Orders and Purchase Orders etc for warranty issues and other queries that arise prior to February 2023.  I can’t believe that you have stopped us being able to access this information in a read only format, we have years and years of information we MUST have access to, how can re retrieve it, the reports download is no use for what we require?   

QuickBooks Team

Access to archive data in desktop version after migrating to online

I recognize the significance of accessing and reviewing the reports within QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), Frustrated40.


Although desktop applications can provide dependable read-only access, they are constrained by the hardware, software, or operating systems on which they are installed. To ensure data accessibility in the long term and future-proofing, an online tool is necessary, one that doesn't rely on any specific hardware or software components.


For the time being, you can use the Export Tool provided by Fiat Lux - ASIA. This tool enables you to extract and save data from your desktop application for further use or analysis. Additionally, Intuit's App Store offers several third-party export apps that can be of great assistance. These apps are designed to enhance the exporting capabilities of QBDT and provide you with more options for handling your data. Be sure to explore the available options to find the one that best suits your needs and facilitates smooth data management.


Let me know if you need further guidance about accessing reports in QBDT. I'm always here to help.

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