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Amalgamating Stock at Migration

I am a secondhand/antiquarian bookseller, currently using Desktop 2021. I have a long list of stock items (thousands) from 20 years of business. Most of them have only been used once. If I try to amalgamate items (by changing the names and merging) I get a warning that this will affect historical transactions etc, so it is something I rarely do.


However, I am about to migtrate to QB Online. As I understand it, if I use MoveMyBooks to migrate, stock information with NOT be migrated, and it looks as if I will have to add this information manually after migration. Is this correct?


If I wanted to continue as before, this would be a huge problem, involving hours of work, relisting each item


But what I actually want to do is make my life simpler for the future and start afresh with just have one stock item -- "Book" --, using the total number and average price from my current Stock Valuation Report on QB desktop to set this up. That is to say, instead of, say 1000 different items all with different purchase prices/COGS, just 1 item (x 1000) with the average price.


Is this possible? Am I thinking in the right way?

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Amalgamating Stock at Migration

Another option, you may consider purchasing a 3rd party conversion service. We bring inventory details like name, code, description, sales account, purchase account, sales price, purchase price etc. Since the conversion doesn’t do tracked inventory, as part of the migration, we import all the items as "non-inventory" type in QBO and after the completion of the migration, you need to manually change the type from 'Non-Inventory' to 'Inventory' and add the quantity on hand manually for each item. Your historical data will remain intact.

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Amalgamating Stock at Migration

That is precisely what I DON'T want to do.

QuickBooks Team

Amalgamating Stock at Migration

Hi Richard-Victorian-Novels, thanks for your post - it's correct that stock items are not able to be migrated from QuickBooks Desktop to Online. There's no requirement to input these as they were originally listed and you can instead create a general stock item if that is your preference. :)

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