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Level 1

Android app login

When I ask app to send me verification code I get "invalid argument..." error message. As a result I can't login.

QuickBooks Team

Android app login

Hello PMAWB, Thanks for posting on the Community page, Are you able to log into the web version alright is it just the app you're having an issue with logging into?

Level 1

Android app login

I managed to sign in online but not on app.

QuickBooks Team

Android app login

I appreciate you for getting back here in the thread, @PMAWB. I'll help you get this sorted out as soon as possible so you can access your QuickBooks Self-Employed account on your mobile device.


Before anything else, can you tell me more about the error message you've encountered when attempting to access your QBSE account on your mobile phone? This way, I'll be able to provide you with an accurate solution to fix this.


Also, since you've mentioned that you're able to access your account using the web version, know that there isn't any major issue with your account. That said, I'd recommend clearing the temporary data or the app's cache in your phone so you can access your account using the app with a clean slate. I'll be happy to input the steps below so you can proceed. To begin, here's how:


1. Choose the QuickBooks app from the List.
2. Go to Menu ☰.
3. Select Help & Feedback.
4. Look for Refresh Data.
5, Tap Refresh.


If the issue persists after performing the steps, I'd recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the app to ensure you get the latest version of it.


Additionally, I'll be leaving this article to help you manage invoice payments in QBSE: Create invoices in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


You can also visit this page to learn more about how to pull up and download reports in QBSE: Export transactions and get reports in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Know that I'm determined to help you get through this. Don't hesitate to post here again if you need further assistance accessing your account using the QBSE app. I'll be here, ready to help you. Take care and Happy New Year!

Level 1

Android app login

I've cleared the data from the app, uninstalled and reinstalled and still get the following error message when I type in the code I was sent -

Oops, an error occurred 

Server error 


'Missing required argument:



Android app login

Hello there, PMAWB


Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know the troubleshooting steps you did to fix the login issue or error when signing in through the mobile app.  Also, I appreciate you for including the error message you've got.


Clearing the data and reinstalling the app should help us fix common errors. Since the issue persists, we would like to investigate this matter. With that, I recommend contacting our Support Team. This way, we can pull up your account in a secure environment and review your account to see why you're still getting an error message after trying to reinstall the app. 


To contact us, we can follow the steps below:


  1.  Go to Assistant in the upper right corner.
  2. Type in "Talk to a human."
  3. Select Call an agent or Get a callback


While waiting for a fix, I'd suggest logging in to your QuickBooks Self-Employed account through a browser on your device. The following browsers are supported on both web and mobile devices:


Note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser.


  • Google Chrome: version 78 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 76 or newer. 
  • Microsoft Edge: version 75 or newer
  • Safari: version 12 or newer (Mac only)
  • Opera: version 68 or newer
  • Samsung: version 10 or newer.


Lastly, we can visit this article to get more details and tips about account management in QBSE: Manage your account, including logins, connected apps, security and data.


Feel free to add another post if you have more concerns about accessing your QuickBooks account and anything related to the program. We're all right here to help you anytime. 

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