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Android App

There doesn't seem to be an option when adding an expense via the android app to record as a card payment. The only options you get are 'credit', 'cheque' and 'cash'


Re: Android App

Welcome to the Community, Derek Suffolk.


You're right. The payment options when entering an expense in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) mobile app for Android are credit, cheque and cash.


The QBO mobile app is a simplified version of the program. While the feature is not available on the mobile app, I suggest accessing QBO using a browser if you want to use a card for an expense transaction.


I'll make sure to take note of your request and forward this to our developers. Your thoughts are important for learning, growth, and development and we take them all into consideration.


You can also check this article for more details about QBO mobile app: 

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Please reach out to me if there is anything else I can help you with. I'll always be here to assist you. Have a great day.​