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Really disappointed, Auto-Tracking has not been working on my iPhone since April 2023 and I am having to manually turn on tracking every time I go out for a business trip? I’ve tried everything thats been posted on this community. I’ve been in touch with support, but they do not get back to me, so I’m afraid I will not be recommending QuickBooks to anyone else and have decided to use a third party application which I have to pay extra for to track my mileage, I was really expecting a better service then this and a solution to my issues. If anyone has had the same problem with a recent fix I’d be grateful for any suggestions, I have reported this a number of time through the apps trouble shooting but get the same answers but no solution.

QuickBooks Team


Hello, JohnMedz.  


I'd love to help you out with tracking your mileage using your device. I know it's really important to keep track of your mileage, especially if you use your vehicle for work or business purposes. Let's go through the solution together so you can start tracking in no time.  


I understand that you've already exhausted several options to resolve the issue. One possible solution worth considering is uninstalling and reinstalling your device. This could potentially resolve any software conflicts or errors causing the mileage problem.  


If you reencounter the same issue, I recommend contacting our customer support again. They have access to your account information and can assist you in reviewing the situation. They can also escalate the matter to our back-end team for further investigation if necessary. 


Here's how:


  1. Tap the Assistant icon to open the QB Assistant window.
  2. Enter the issue in the field box. For example, issues when uploading receipts.
  3. Click the Contact Us button to add more details about your concern, and press Continue.
  4. From the support options, pick Start a Chat or Get a Callback.

To learn more about fixing mileage tracking issues, visit this article: Fix mileage tracking issues in QuickBooks Self-Employed for iOS. It has some great tips for resolving problems and ensuring accurate tracking. 


Please let me know how things are progressing by leaving a comment. I am always here to help you further if you need it. Have a great day!

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Thanks for the reply, but the solution you have provided is the same that I’ve been trying without success, quite frankly I’ve given up and using a more reliable 3rd party app to track my mileage, which although is costing me extra, is saving me money in the long run. Maybe you can let me know when you have fixed this internally, but here’s hoping.



Hello John, Thanks for taking the time to respond. We appreciate that manually enabling tracking each time is not ideal. We've checked the case that was opened by the support team and can see it was escalated to our engineers as an issue specific to your account, it is being worked on as a priority and we'll be in touch ASAP with an update.

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