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Bank Statements

Hi there

So, ive just followed the instructions to upload my bank statements (as my bank account won't allow me to direct feed into Quickbooks - Natwest Bankline), and I only seem to get four columns under quickbooks for date, narrative, credit debit.  My problem is, Natwest CSV file has three columns for narratives which I really need all to get onto Quickbooks.  Is there a simply way to do this or am I stuck with just the mandatory 4 columns.


Does anyone else bank with Natwest Bankline and have you managed to direct feed into Quickbooks?

Thanks so much 

QuickBooks Team

Bank Statements

Hello farmgirlkent69, If the CSV has 3 columns that's fine as long as they cover date, description, and amount (sometimes debit and credit shows in one column on the CSV). What you can do when uploading is select the mapping for the date, description and then when it comes to amount select amounts are in one column. More information on this can be found here.