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Change master admin .. what if ..............



when I started my ltd company 2 years ago my accountant asked me to use QB online for my "books". They set up the QB account and the fee is paid by them as part of my accountancy package. They are the master admin and am "just" an admin user.


I am not very happy with their service and am thinking of swapping accountants, my concern is that I will lose all my accounting records currently in the QB online account. I know they could make me the master admin and I can then pay for the account myself, but what if they wont do that - is there a way for me to backup all my data, info, receipts etc so that I could import it all into a new account ?


Many thanks in advance for any help



John C
QuickBooks Team

Change master admin .. what if ..............

Hi netrix


If you anticipate that the accountant will not transfer the Master Admin to you, you could ask us to process a Master Admin claim. The only difficulty would be if the accountant disputes the claim/doesn't want to transfer it as we have no authority to force them to transfer it to you. The only other option would be to gain a court order and then we would abide by the court order and transfer the Master Admin.

You can of course, as you have alluded to, set up another account and as you are company admin export the data from the initial account and import it to the new one.

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Change master admin .. what if ..............

Many thanks for your reply,


Is it a simple process to export/import the account ?

And is it the entire account details ie is there anything that does not get copied across ?




Not applicable

Change master admin .. what if ..............

hi @netrix ,

Explore a 3rd party backup tool for your needs.


Hope it helps.

QuickBooks Team

Change master admin .. what if ..............

Hi netrix,



You can export the following data below by going to the Cog Wheel > Export data. 



General Ledger

Profit and Loss

Balance Sheet

Trial Balance








The data is exported into separate Excel documents. You can then use the import tool (Cog Wheel > Import Data) to import the customers and suppliers as well as the following:



Chart of Accounts 

Products and Services 


Credit Notes 

Sales Receipts 



You may need to re-map data from the exported files to match the format of the provided sample file before importing to ensure all required fields are entered.


If you have made filings through QuickBooks and are loading historical transactions which have already been filed you will need to manually mark the periods as filed within the Taxes tab. 


Please let us know if you have any further queries on this, and as above you may be able to find third party providers online who are able to migrate the entire QuickBooks file into the new online account however we are unable to advise on these.






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