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Level 2

CIS labour and materials bill

I have entered up a bill from a subcontractor with both labour £700 and materials £50.  I posted the materials total to CIS supplies and materials reimbursed.  However, on my CIS return the gross payment is showing as the labour portion of the bill only £700 and the figure for materials is zero.  The tax deducted is correctly shown on the return.

Am I using the wrong account to post the materials to?

Level 1

CIS labour and materials bill

Does anyone have an answer for this as I am also encountering this issue? Thanks

QuickBooks Team

CIS labour and materials bill

Hi EmmaSt, thanks for your post - can we check which specific CIS account you're selecting on the bill? 

Level 2

CIS labour and materials bill

I worked this out for myself Emma as I didn't receive a reply from anyone - there are two CIS Supplies & Materials accounts - one is an Income account (full name CIS Supplies & Materials Reimbursed) which I was using incorrectly. The correct one to use is the Cost of Sales account.

Hope this helps

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