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convert from xero

I have Quickbooks accounting now and have entered 3 clients.  My own bookkeeping is on Xero which I want to convert to quickbooks too. Is this possible to do without upsetting the information I have already entered.


convert from xero

I'll provide some details of transferring data, Kazza965.


Xero data can be transferred to QuickBooks Online through our partner which is Dataswitcher. I understand how important it is for you to move data without affecting previously entered information. However, you can only migrate if the QuickBooks Online account is empty.


You'll want to consider deleting the data and performing the procedures below to take advantage of this free conversion process.


  1. Connect to the Dataswitcher wizard (Use the wizard to select the correct service).
  2. Choose the appropriate option as per your region.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Once you complete the conversion, you will receive an email to track the conversion.


For information on the criteria and steps you need to do before converting, see this article: Our comprehensive guide to Dataswitcher.


Alternatively, you can use a converter tool from a third-party application. This may cost you additional charges. Go to the Apps menu to find the app that best suits your needs.


In case you need a reference in the future, you can visit our Help Articles page to see some topics and discussions to help you with your QuickBooks tasks.


You can Reply to this post if you have further questions about converting data. I'll be around to help you.

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convert from xero


You are using QB Online Accountant and have entered your own financial data into it from a certain date. Now you need to migrate your historical data from Xero to be merged into your QB Online Accountant, correct?


convert from xero

Hello Community users, we just wanted to pop in and add some detail onto this thread. If you wish to migrate data into QuickBooks from Xero but do not wish the existing data you have in QuickBooks to be impacted, the best thing to do would be to manually add it. Any migration through a third party service would usually require an empty file/or would write over data existing in QuickBooks.


You can speed up the process by importing CSV files with data in. Things like supplier, customer, products and services,chart of account lists and for pending income/expenses like invoices and bills.

We've included links of how to import each one in this post.


Also you can upload bank transactions in QuickBooks via a CSV, downloaded from the bank, of past historical transactions if the bank connection in QuickBooks does not go back far enough/ or you do not wish to connect the bank in QuickBooks.

If you need any further detail on this, feel free to add to this thread with any questions you have. Thanks


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