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James Bright
Level 2

Customer Phone number on invoice

Hi All,


Ok another issue I have with QBO. Customer phone numbers not showing on the invoice. I have never received an invoice which doesnt have my phone number, and the suppliers phone number on it. Yet QBO the customer phone number doesnt appear, there a box in the customer account where you enter the phone number - yet theres no way at all to get it to show on the invoice. This literally blows my mind! So my issue is that, when I do an order, and send it with DPD for example - I have the parcel here... I put into the DPD booking their postcode, and all the information, then it asks me for their phone number. Which requires me to come out of DPD, go into QBO, search the customer, open their account and then copy the phone number - rather than just looking down at the parcel and typing it in from there. Again they say they wont add features unless there are people requesting it... so does anyone else not find this to be an issue? It seems utterly ridiculous to me a customer phone number isnt on the invoice, if I wanted to call them to say something is out of stock I'm then required to go though all of that. This is genuinely costing me probably half a day a week I'd say at which point I'd be better off paying more for a package that does this has this feature. Can people please start requesting it! :)

They told me the best way to do this is to add the phone number to the bottom of the customer address - uhm hello! why dont you just click a button and let us have it on the invoice - I'm not changing thousands of accounts to have the phone number on the bottom of the address - just for them to add this easy feature which they could do in 5 minutes, to then have to remove their phone number from the address on thousands of accounts! Again I refuse to believe I am the only one banging his head against a wall about this. It would literally take someone like 30 minutes tops to add this feature - yet I, the paying customer, am expected to basically mess up my customer accounts to save 1 man 30 minutes, when it costs me hours a week!??

QuickBooks Team

Customer Phone number on invoice

Hello James


Currently any requests for product changes we will look at the need for it, the impact making the change would cause other areas in QuickBooks,the priority (how may users have requested it) and also what other changes are being implemented

When you add the feedback here you can reply back with the link so users of the Community can vote on it.

As there is a workaround of adding the number on to the end of the address,it would be looked at after other requests but our product developers look at all feedback





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