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customise email

I use QB self employed on my phone. I have searched everywhere and can't find a solution to customising the standard email message QB use when emailing an invoice. I have tried desktop as well with no success. Every time i send an invoice i have to manually change the bland QB default message. Would I be correct in thinking the self employed version is too basic to have this option?

QuickBooks Team

customise email

Hello and welcome to the Community, Muz981


We'll be happy to share some guidance on the features available in QuickBooks Self-Employed UK.


Currently, there is no option to set a customised email template, and the default would need to be edited each time. 


The option to customise the default is already available in QuickBooks Online, but we recognise your current plan may fit your other business needs better. 


If you would like to leave feedback so that this can be considered by our Product team, please consider sharing your idea over on QuickBooks Idea Exchange. We'll be around if you have any further questions!

Level 1

customise email

In that case I won’t be using QB anymore. So far I have found the whole QB experience thoroughly underwhelming. It is so clunky and slow it’s eating into my precious time instead of saving it. My bank transactions only appear in my app when the wind is blowing in the right direction and ditto for mileage. I could go on but it’s not worth my time.

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