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Carly Baker
Level 1

Customise Payment Receipts

I have just signed up to QuickBooks for my catering business and in the process of customising invoices, sales receipts etc. Today I created my first invoice and applied two payments manually as the customer paid me by bank transfer. I have sent them the invoice (which shows as paid so that is fine) but also wanted to send them the receipt for the payments they made. I cannot see a way of customising that receipt to add in my logo, colours etc. My invoice and sales receipt have all been customised with my logo, I have altered the colours of the column headers etc and would like the payment receipt to match. Is this possible yet?


I have checked the community and can see loads of people asking for the same thing but nothing recently, hence why I am asking again. I have also already submitted my request using the feedback option in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Team

Customise Payment Receipts

Hi Carly, welcome to the Community.


Thanks for submitting feedback for this - currently, it is only possible to apply the customized templates to sales forms (invoices, estimates and sales receipts). The receipt for the invoice payment is a default format and cannot be edited. We appreciate that there is a demand for further customization options and hope to introduce more in the near future. 

Mark Armistead
Level 7

Customise Payment Receipts

@GeorgiaC You are wrong and this advice has been wrongly interpreted. 

@Carly Baker I have only just found this out after crying about it the past 18 months and being told the same. This was after a casual conversation with an online chat rep who showed me.

Yes you can’t make custom statements, purchase orders, remittance because they use the default template. Because most people will create a custom invoice template you would have though that would apply to all subsequent send forms. This is the mistake most people are going down.

What you need to do if you are using a custom invoice template, is open the Custom Form Styles and open the Standard template. Put your logo on THAT FORM TOO. You can then match your invoice template for colours and fonts etc. This will at least match the style across all your send forms. 

What you can’t do on these forms is change the information, information boxes like a true customisation. But, everyone has been complaining about that for years and years. Intuit refuse to engage and fix these basic problems unfortunately. 

I hope that helps a little.

Level 1

Customise Payment Receipts

A year later and I can't believe that they still haven't fixed this. There are so many obvious problems with QB it's infuriating. Moving from the free version of Zoho Invoicing it's such a pain to find so many things I can do there that I can't do in QB!

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