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Customising content on different invoice templates

Hi, I have quickbooks online. I want to have two different invoice templates. One 'standard' invoice and another 'outstanding' stronger worded invoice template when customers have gone into arrears. I am able to create a 2nd invoice template and change the colour on it, design, font etc but as soon as I change the 'content' ie. the text on the invoice,  it changes the text on the original 'standard' invoice as well!  Should I be able to do this? or this option not available? it's driving me mad so any help most appreciated. 



QuickBooks Team

Customising content on different invoice templates

Hey Emma, 



Thanks for your post and welcome to the community!


The content section of the invoice is linked to the main Sales settings within the accounts and settings, and so will update and apply across all invoices when this is edited on any template.


Currently the only section on the content tab which allows different text on the invoice is the 'Add payment details and footer' box. You can leave feedback for further customisation options by going to the Gear icon > Feedback within you account. Please let me know if you have further queries Smiley Happy