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Level 2

Data Export Tool issues

I am using their Data Export Tool and I am finding that when I have to log into my QBD company it is repeating each character that I type eg D gets entered as DD, if I click Backspace once it deletes two characters. I worked around this issue by typing my password elsewhere and then I copied and pasted into the password box, it got entered twice, I then used my cursor to get to the middle and then I used the Delete key to delete all the characters after the cursor.


A second issue is, when I finally manage to enter my password, I get a pop up which says:
'You can't perform this action as this QuickBooks product is no longer available.....' see attachment for image of pop up. If I close this pop up then my company opens no problem. Is this because I took a copy of the company file after 30 June 2023 ( we got an extension and so have access to end October).


Are these just weird glitches with the Data Export Tool? Has anyone else had these issues?

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Data Export Tool issues

Are you using the trial version for QB Desktop 2021 at this time?

QuickBooks Team

Data Export Tool issues

Hi Nicky21, thanks for posting on the Community. 


We don't have any issues reported for this specific pop-up message. Which version of QuickBooks are you using, and do both problems continue when opening the file using the Data Export Tool in more than one web browser?


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