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Dataswitcher multicurrency failure

I have used the dataswitcher wizard to move our accounts from Sage 50 to QBO. We turned on multicurrency as we have bank accounts in EUR/USD. (not all that unusual nowadays?)

We have customers that buy in euros and a supplier we pay in USD. All invoices are in their respective currencies.

I followed all the prerequisites to move our books as per the checklist, but everything has come over in GBP.

I can create new accounts in currency, but this doesn't help with the accounts that have been pulled over and all the data contained within.

Is this a glitch? I'm trying to get answers from Quickbooks support but just being passed from pillar to post and I'm unsure how to escalate it.


QuickBooks Team

Dataswitcher multicurrency failure

A warm welcome, @CannyCollar.


I appreciate the details you've shared with us. I can see that you've turned on the Multicurrency feature, I'd like to know if you've set the home currency to EUR. This will occur if the Multicurrency is not turned on, or if the Home currency is set to GBP (British Pound Sterling). I'd recommend checking the Multicurrency setup, I'll show you how to do that:


  1. Go to the Settings or Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Edit or Pencil icon in the Currency section.
  4. Verify the Home Currency.


If the Home Currency is GBP (British Pound Sterling), the default accounts will be in GBP. Since you've mentioned that you have EUR and USD customers or suppliers, you can create a clearing account. Create an account for EUR and another one for USD. This is done to move foreign currencies without converting them to your home currency. I've added an article for your reference on how to set up this account: Set up a clearing account.


You may check out this article for your future reference about matching your transactions when your ready: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online


I'll be around if you have follow-up questions about the process. Feel free to tag my name in the comment section. Take care!

Level 1

Dataswitcher multicurrency failure

Thank you for your reply @MarsStephanieL . I am afraid I still don't understand what you are asking me to do.

Our home currency is set to GBP, as we are a UK company.

I set up a clearing bank account in EUR, as per the instructions, but when it comes to journal the balance I can only make the journal in one currency. GBP.

How do I get the balance from the bank account in GBP to show in EUR so that I can connect it to the Euro bank account?


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Dataswitcher multicurrency failure

@MarsStephanieL would it not just be ok to create a new bank account in the correct currency and then transfer the balance using the correct valuation. That way I can link these new accounts to our bank and we can continue in the correct currency.

QuickBooks Team

Dataswitcher multicurrency failure

Hello Canny Collar, That is something that you could do yes as long as the valuation was correct in the Euro account and then you could then connect it to the Euro bank account in the banking section.

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