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Desk top QBs ending

I have checked past posts about QuickBooks Desktop versions ending and am confused. One suggestion is that I transfer to QB Online. I did transfer one small limited company account to QB online. It was an absolute unmitigated disaster. From what I can see little has changed in terms of the quality of that product or its ability to properly assimilate data from desktop versions. I no longer run that business, but I must say its closure (VAT/HMRC accounts etc) was hindered considerably by the fact of the transfer! I WILL NOT be transferring my desktop to online version. I would have to pay 2 subs but it is not just the cost I have concerns about! I have an old version (2013) and I am happy with it. I wish to continue to use it. I don't need support and having just purchased a new laptop I wont have the need to re-register my product for a long while.


I have the following questions that I need urgent and clear clarification on please (I note that in previous posts contradictory answers were provided by Intuit):


1. Is is correct that the deadline has now been extended to June 2023, in which case, what is the precise date please?


2. I have been told by someone on the phone that after the June 2023 date, if I log into my desk top Quickbooks it will simply not work at all! Was this information correct?  


3. I am assuming that this cannot be correct.  Please tell me (as a person has asked in a previous thread but conflicting answers) how this could physically happen? It is an offline, desktop version. How can intuit go into my computer and stop me from using it? Can/would Intuit somehow cease my registration, so that when I query this, I will then be told we cannot re-register you?? I do hope that this is not the case. The only possible reason for Intuit to do this would be to try to force people to subscribe to the online version. I for one would be boycotting Intuit and would, sorry urge others to do the same! I am wondering whether this would be breach of contract.


4. On the assumption that I can still use my desktop Quickbooks beyond the end date what will I be able to do? I wish to be able to:

- use the one company file I have already set up for a very small non registered, uncomplicated business for which I need to add new customer jobs, but other than that no accounts are likely to change. 

- Open a second company file for another equally uncomplicated small non VAT registered business for which I may need to change some bits of the standard chart of accounts, change items, accounts, add classes etc...just simple stuff.

- As I am able to do now, produce and print off business reports, especially profit and loss accounts and the background information which produces the profit and loss account (so for example go into my "lettings income" account

- Access things like my supplier and my customer and job accounts etc.


  Will I be able to do this. If not why not?


I look forward to a reply as soon as possible please.





Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Desk top QBs ending

@VanessaSh wrote:

I have an old version (2013) and I am happy with it.


2. I have been told by someone on the phone that after the June 2023 date, if I log into my desk top Quickbooks it will simply not work at all! Was this information correct?  


Which QBD year version are you using now? 2013, 2020 or 2021?


QuickBooks Team

Desk top QBs ending

Hello VanessaSh, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So to answer your questions about your desktop product 


Yes it is correct the discontinuation of desktop deadline has changed and been pushed  from Jan 2023 to now the end of June 2023


We appreciate desktop is an offline product there will be some functionally you may be able to use, you will not be able to move the product onto another pc ass this would require a license which you will not be able to get any more after end of June the 2023 also there will be no support at all for the UK desktop product again after the end of June 2023. 


By preventing any issues we would seriously advise that you export all date before the end of June 2023. 


EDIT- we're just adding a help article on the discontinuation which includes a way to download and export the desktop data to the data export tool 


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