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Desktop and online combined



We have an accountant working with an old version of Quickbooks on his laptop (Quickbooks Pro 2013).  We are considering Quickbooks online (pro package) for the rest of the organisation.  However, the accountant works in the field with little internet access.


Would it be possible for him to use the version he has and then export the data (seamlessly) to the online version - either monthly himself, or by emailing us the export? 




QuickBooks Team

Desktop and online combined

Hello AJM0517, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So they cant really keep mitigating the data over as it would overwrite all the QBO data. 

Exporting out of DT and them importing into QBO would be up to you, it could work but the format of the export would need to be tweaked to import it into QBO. It would also depend on what data it is the QBO import function is split into invoices, bills, sales receipts, etc so they would have to split the export out to specific transactions. Unless they are just imported into the bank feed with date, description, and amount but you may as well just use a spreadsheet to collate that.  

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Desktop and online combined

Thank you for getting back to me.  It looks like we should avoid this! Amanda

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Desktop and online combined


You accountant may keep using their QBD 2013 and you are using QBO. But both of you are unable to work at the same time and have to utilize a migration tool. i.e TPExporter Desktop for your accountant and TPImporter Online for your company.

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