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Displaying CIS reverse charge on invoices

A QBO standard invoice shows the VAT on a CIS subcontractor invoice  as being "20% RC CIS" . I have a customer who is insisting that the VAT column on the invoice must say "Domestic Reverse Charge @20%" Is there a simple way to edit either the description of the VAT Code or the Invoice template to achieve this? 

QuickBooks Team

Displaying CIS reverse charge on invoices

Hello Gonzosgone, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


so you can set up a new invoice template to use only for CIS and then enter the message they want to see on the invoice field. 


So main cog wheel> custom form styles> new style>invoice>content> select the bottom box on the right and then where it says message to customer on the middle box enter the message in there. 


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