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Draft Invoices

As a business, I amend invoices throughout the month as the invoices go through stages before being finalised. However, I also have an invoice finance facility and these invoices are being funded in error as they shouldn’t be funded until I have been able to finalise them. How would I go about being able to amend invoices as I go through the month without them being pulled through as finalised invoices? Would it be best to create them as estimates? 

QuickBooks Team

Draft Invoices

Hello, @Q_BUser1.


Thank you for reaching out to QuickBooks Community. I can help you with your concern with draft invoices.


If you edit an invoice, your client won't see the changes until you send it again. It allows you to make internal adjustments without affecting the client's view.


To manage the amending invoices without them being treated as final for invoice financing, you can consider using an estimate. This transaction doesn't affect their Accounts Receivable (A/R) balance, preventing them from being pulled through for invoice financing prematurely.


However, please take note that estimates don't flow into your core accounting reports. Also, if you plan to use an estimate, make sure to communicate to your customer that the estimate isn't a final invoice to avoid confusion.


I suggest consulting your accountant or bookkeeper to further determine if this method suits their business structure.


In addition, check this article to learn how to do templates, personalize, and unique styles of invoices, estimates, and sales receipts: 



If you still have other questions regarding draft invoices, feel free to add a reply below. I'll be glad to answer them for you.

Level 1

Draft Invoices

Thank you for coming back to me. I think estimates is a good way to go. Please can you advise how I can convert my current draft invoices into estimates? 


QuickBooks Team

Draft Invoices

Hi Q_BUser1, thanks for your additional query


It is only possible to convert estimates into invoices, and not vice versa, so you may want to delete the invoice and recreate these or use the estimate feature only for new invoices going forward.


For further information, see how to create and send estimates in QuickBooks Online. We'll be around if you need any further support!

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